Valentine’s Day Crochet Pattern Compilation

Hi everyone! Since Valentine’s Day is coming up soon, I thought I’d collect all of the festive patterns that I have posted so far. All of these patterns are quite quick and easy, so you should still have time to make them before Valentine’s Day. In December, my Christmas compilation was quite popular so I think that I will continue to make holiday-specific compilations to make things more convenient for my readers. Without further ado, here it is!

Here’s a cute photo of all of my creations together.

First up, an adorable and thematic sloth pattern. I’ve already made several of these as gifts because they’re just so cute! The rose and the heart add add a nice seasonal, but you can also omit them if you’re looking to make a simpler/non-Valentine’s Day version.

Next, some mini bees. I was inspired by some cool giant bees that I saw on Instagram, but I didn’t have the jumbo yarn (or the time) to make those. Instead, I created a very cute thumb-sized version that can be made quickly and in various colours.

Another pattern that you should absolutely try is this one, inspired by the iconic chocolate. This pattern is perfect for beginners because minimal sewing is required and the shape is quite easy. 10/10 recommend making this one!

Finally, here is a simple (but still cute) Conversation Heart Pattern. This pattern is really fun because you can make it in all different colours and add your own personalized messages as well. I went for some more traditional phrases, but feel free to put whatever you want (#Love, anybody?).

That’s it for this pattern compilation. I hope you enjoyed, and happy crocheting!