Poppy Crochet Pattern (for Remembrance Day)

Happy Monday! This isn’t the day that I usually post, but I have a really quick and easy Poppy Crochet Pattern to wear for the month of November. If you can’t buy a poppy right now or if you just want to wear a nice crochet one for Remembrance Day, this is the pattern for you!

Poppy Crochet Pattern

Materials Needed:

  • Red (4) worsted weight yarn
  • Black(4) worsted weight yarn
  • 4.00 mm crochet hook
  • Yarn needle
  • A pin (optional, if you want to attach the poppy to something)

Terms Needed: Sc = single crochet, Sc2tog = single crochet 2 together, ss = slip stitch, ch = chain, st = stitch, mc = magic circle,

For Poppy:

Start with black yarn.

Row 1: Sc 8 in mc. Ss. (8 sts)

Change to red yarn.

*Row 2: Ch 1. Sc 2 in each of next 2 sts. (4 sts)

Row 3: Ch 1, turn. Sc 2 in each of next 4 sts. (8 sts).

Bind off. * Reattach yarn in next st and repeat from * for a total of 4 petals. Weave in all ends. If you wish, you can use a pin to attach it to a jacket or shirt.

I hope you enjoyed this pattern, and have a nice day!